Sponsor a Tree

Sponsor a Tree Program 2016

Following up on the success of the Sponsor a Tree Program from previous years, we will be bringing the program back for 2016.

First off, we wish to thank the City of Salmon Arm and the Public Works, and in particular Mike, Candice and Jason for all their help in bringing this to project to fruition.  A special thank you also needs to go to Jespersen Solvang Tree Farm. They have generously donated over 30 trees for this holiday season. The Farm is seeking your support by kindly requesting that you hang a poster and display a small basket with business cards attached to candy canes. These can be dropped off to your business prior decorating.  Please indicate on your sign-up form if you are able to accommodate this request.

We will begin installing the trees around the downtown beginning in late November – and should be completed by December 1st. Once the trees are in place, please have your tree decorated by December 4th.

There are just a few points I’d like to bring up regarding decoration as well as lessons learned from last year:

  • For the businesses that did participate in 2014 & 15, please re-use the LED lights that were supplied
  • For businesses that did not participate in years past, Lindsay or Roger will be dropping off a string of solar lights to everyone who has signed up for a tree
  • **Important** When installing the lights, please install the solar panel near the top of the tree.  This will ensure it gets the maximum amount of light possible for recharging the batteries as well as being less susceptible to vandalism than if it were at ground level
  • Please refrain from using flammable items on the trees, they will have to survive a few Christmas parties
  • Please do not use glass or any other type of decoration that could become hazardous if removed/broken (see above)
  • Please do not water the tree
  • At the end of the holiday season, (you will be notified of the date) please remove all your decorations. We will take care of the actual tree removal and clean-up.

Sign up begins on November 4th HERE


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