Property Maintenance and Unsightly Premises, Bylaw No. 3137 states “no owner or occupier of real property shall permit that property to become or remain unsightly. Without in any way restricting the generality of the word “unsightly”, any one or more of the following conditions may render real property unsightly within the meaning of this bylaw: graffiti on fences, buildings, or other structures on real property or on patios, driveways, or other finished ground surfaces.”

Help us keep Downtown Salmon Arm clear of graffiti and tagging. Studies find the faster you remove graffiti, typically within 24-48 hours, the less likely for someone to do it again. Graffiti tends to encourage more graffiti and tagging.

Report new graffiti and tagging below. Please include the street name and address if possible, or use as many describing characteristics of the location as you can. Pictures are also helpful. Please provide your name and contact number in the event we have additional questions. Personal information will not be saved or stored.